Hope – What Does it Mean to You?

Hope, expectation, anticipation, desire for a certain outcome. Hope is what moves us forward, motivates us, and keeps our faith during the hard times. Hope is essential for our existence; yet there are times when it is easy to wonder where hope is when we look at the world, as it often seems to be in a state of chaos.

What does hope mean to you?

In thinking of what hope is and how to find it in our world, I realized that for me, hope comes from my yoga practice and my kids, as both remind me on a constant basis that hope dwells within us, not outside of ourselves, and in order to tap into that wellspring of hope, it is essential to find the peace within to let hope blossom.

Yoga is my calm retreat to go to when the world becomes a bit too much. Flowing through the poses and focusing on my breath in a meditative quality gives me a great amount of solace and clarity. Appreciating the beauty of my breath and the connection between my body and breath allows me to re-energize by drawing my mind inward and tuning in. Yoga reminds me about what is important and what I need to let go of, it helps me approach life in a more peaceful manner, and above all, it inspires me.

In practicing yoga, I have learned to be present to each moment, being more aware of the nature of the heart and soul, as well as the intellect. Drawing strength from the realization that each pose has the ability to open up a certain muscle area, as well as, releasing the tension from our internal organs. When doing twists, we detoxify our bodies, releasing impurities in our liver and kidneys. Tuning into our breath provides a path for us to energize or calm our mind and body. The philosophy of yoga teaches us to approach ourselves and others with compassion and peaceful awareness.

As a mother of two beautiful children, who are constantly growing and changing, they give me hope. They are truly little sages of wisdom to learn from as well as to nurture. My children remind me to slow down and fully experience each moment. Watching their interaction with each other and instilling in them a sense of empathy and compassion in their daily lives gives me hope for the future.

I want to give to my kids a sense of peace and hope coming from the strength within them.

Since I have found this through my yoga practice, I enjoy sharing yoga with my kids. When it all gets to be too much, it’s so refreshing to stop everything and bring the mats out into the living room to do yoga together. They have so much fun going into their favorite poses…downward dog and tree… and have even created their own pose called Zooble!

Through yoga and motherhood, I’m constantly reminded that our best gift to ourselves and to the world is in tapping into the calm and peaceful place inside us. Yoga has helped me to find this place and send it out into the world.

Peace to your hearts, peace to your words, and peace to your thoughts…namaste!

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