The Golden Sequence 

I recently read the book, The Golden Sequence A Manual for Reclaiming our Humanity by Jonni Pollard and I absolutely loved it! This book came into my life at the perfect time as I’ve been feeling stuck and frustrated with situations in my life as well as in humanity as a whole. Reading this book […]

Embracing Gratitude 

Gratitude. It’s a word and mindset that I used to only associate with the Thanksgiving holiday in November, but now thanks to my regular yoga practice…both teaching and being a student, I have learned that gratitude is a daily practice. As I’m constantly on the quest for yoga inspiration to bring to my classes, Gratitude […]

Yoga Can Release that Pain in Your Neck 

Neck pain. It’s a common affliction of our current lifestyles, caused by sitting at a desk and looking at our various devices, as well as stress, unhealthy sleeping patterns, and recovering from auto accidents. As a yoga instructor, I am often asked about how to relieve neck tension that has been caused by any or […]

Autumn is Around the Corner 

Autumn is making its’ approach in the Northern Hemisphere and with it, I always feel the need to turn within and find the balance between the lightness I felt in the warm summer days and the sudden desire to stay cozy and warm inside, as the temperatures cool outside. Watching leaves float to the ground […]

Hope – What Does it Mean to You? 

Hope, expectation, anticipation, desire for a certain outcome. Hope is what moves us forward, motivates us, and keeps our faith during the hard times. Hope is essential for our existence; yet there are times when it is easy to wonder where hope is when we look at the world, as it often seems to be […]

5 Poses for Summer Fun to Maintain your Practice During the Heat 

Summer is here and with its arrival endless opportunities abound for relaxation, renewal, and a change of pace.  Embracing all of the possibilities of the season is an important way to nurture you and live in the moment. So how do you maintain a semblance of your yoga practice while traveling, enjoying outdoor sports, and […]

Living Yoga in the Summer 

  “Time enjoyed wasting is not wasted time” ~ John Lennon It’s that time of year again! Time for those of us with children to wind down the school year and prepare for summer. Time to start going to graduations, BBQs, and celebrate the mothers and fathers that mean so much to us. Time to […]

Better Than Happy Hour: Swap Out the Beer and Chaos and Cultivate Community with Yoga and Kombucha 

It’s the end of another busy day full of the usual deadlines, meetings, emails, and phone calls. The list keeps growing and your energy keeps dropping. Instead of going out for the usual happy hour full of alcohol, gossip, and mounting frustration, why not try something that fosters a calm and nourishing community? Maybe it’s […]

Yoga for Kids 

  Have you ever thought of introducing your kids to yoga? Just as yoga has many benefits for adults, it provides a wonderful foundation of mindfulness and body awareness for children. Kids need the tools to handle the ups and downs of life, connect to their body, and tune into their emotional and mental state […]

New Year, New Beginnings 

It’s nearing the end of January…the first month of a new year, which is always a good time to delve within to decide where you want to invest  your energy,  what you want to hold onto, and what you want to let go of. This is always a very exciting time for me because although […]