Autumn is Around the Corner

Autumn is making its’ approach in the Northern Hemisphere and with it, I always feel the need to turn within and find the balance between the lightness I felt in the warm summer days and the sudden desire to stay cozy and warm inside, as the temperatures cool outside.

Watching leaves float to the ground is a reminder that our lives are a mirror of nature’s cycles and that everything is in a state of impermanence.  Autumn is a time for letting go and releasing things that are no longer serving us.

As a yoga instructor, I always look forward to the homecoming that takes place in my classes as those who have taken the summer off return to their yoga practice. I am filled with a sense of gratitude that they continue to share their love of yoga with me, as I realize everyone is busy and time is precious.

I also realize that with any long term commitment, the truth of impermanence plays a part. The weather affects the ability to come to class, family matters come up, and kids bring sickness home from school.

Everything, including humans is in a constant state of change. Maintain your practice online if you can’t make it to class, but if that doesn’t work; realize the beauty of letting go.

Let go of the need for perfection. Let go of self judgment. Your yoga mat is a place to slow down, tune in, and simply be…here and now…in the present moment.

If this is a difficult place to be in, start with love.

Love yourself. Love yoga. Love your yoga mat.

As you delve into this adventure, enjoy the journey with an open mind, allowing all thoughts and sensations to rise up; embracing all with an explorer’s inquisitiveness.

Explore yoga, explore yourself.

As Rolf Gates says in Meditations from the Mat, “bring your all to your mat…all your anger, all your joy, all your sadness and see where it goes. Let it transform you and open you up…knowing it will always be there, knowing it is an adventure waiting for you to explore.”

During this journey, it is important to take some time every day to find stillness and quiet. Slow down and contemplate what is coming up, with compassionate awareness and curious investigation.

Let go of what you need to let go and embrace all that is beautiful and meaningful with a sense of gratitude.

As with everything in life, our yoga practice is constantly changing and evolving. Embrace this, let go of the need for permanency, flow like water and see where you go.

Peace to your hearts, peace to your words, and peace to your thoughts…Namaste!

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